Day Three: Carpe Diem Baby

Well day three has come and gone and I have stayed strong.  Yesterday went very smoothly with the exception of last night when I had a little trouble getting to sleep.  I then woke up at 5 am and really wanted to eat.  I had four fiber gummies and went back to bed.  While the fiber tablets and gummies are alright, I think eating four at a time could cause issues, if you know what I mean.  The gummies could especially be bad because I could be treating them like a snack, since they taste so good, and that could throw off one of my main goals.  Transitioning into healthy eating requires that I do not mindlessly eat, even fiber tablets.  This is something to watch and work on over the course of this first week. 

As far as energy and focus go, I am fine.  I thought I would feel a lot worse than I do.  In all actuality, I might feel better at times because I am not bloated, overly stuffed or eating anything that will cause a spike in my insulin levels resulting in a crash at night.  My workouts are also pretty intense given my calorie restrictions.  I am so used to strength training that the low rest periods are killing me.  These workouts are also different in the set/rep scheme.  Instead of the traditional 3 sets of 10 or the like, this workout requires a total number of reps based on a one set max at a certain rep count.  For example, my bench press goal is to hit 40 total reps using a weight that I can lift 8-9 times for my first set.  I then rest for only 45 seconds before going again.  You’d be surprised how long it can take to get to 40! One thing I have noticed lately is that my muscles are cramping up often.  I know this is not due to dehydration since I drink a ton of water and can tell by the color of my urine that I am hydrated.  It could be the lack of time over the course of the past few weeks that I have been out of the gym.  I will see if this takes care of itself over time. 

Post workout I usually feel slightly sick.  Pushing that hard on little reserves can take it’s toll.  However, I have found that the Surge Recovery post workout drink is amazing!  The raspberry flavor isn’t anything to brag about, but after I drink it I feel better than I have after any workout I can recall.  This may actually be a supplement that I keep purchasing. 

So, on to day four.  Today, I am told by many of the dieters, is when things get harder.  At this time you may start to miss your old life more, miss your friends and family, and start to wonder why the hell you chose such a crazy adventure to begin with.  I have already felt and done that, so today should be no different.  The only difference is that I am one day closer to my healthy solid meal and the end of this phase of the diet.  25 days left.  



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